Hadromi Adnan | Intellectual Property Group

Zain I. Adnan

Managing Partner of Hadromi Adnan Intellectual Property Group has almost 2 decades experience in commercialisation of Intellectual Property across borders and sectors.

He worked briefly at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva, Switzerland and to date is the only Indonesian recipient of WIPO's Long Term Fellowship program at the Franklin Pierce Law Center, University of New Hampshire School of Law, USA in 2001.

After short stint at a Washington law firm, he worked for 8 years at the Jakarta office of UK based Rouse. His work included contentious and non-contentious IP work. It included conducting searches in trade mark, industrial design and patent and all the way to filings the applications, registering and commercialization. Commercialization included the IP based purchasing and valuation.

The enforcement side included working with the Police on criminal raid actions and supporting the Attorney Generals Office during criminal prosecution.

After this, he became in house counsel and the government affairs of Thiess, the Australian mining and construction (EPC) contractor. During his 3 years at Thiess he became familiar with the general corporate, labor and security side of both corporate and on site project mining management.

After this, he spent time as Country Manager of BSA | The Software Alliance, the global software advocacy group. This brought him in touch with policy makers at various Ministries and government agencies including the Ministry of ICT, The Ministry of Law & Human Rights, the AGO, Police and Customs (the Ministry of Finance) to name a few stakeholders.

His clients have included the following sectors: Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, Banking, Automotive and Motorcycle manufacturing, Spare parts, the Apparel and Sportswear, the Software and Hardware, the Luxury Goods and Tobacco industry and many other sectors.

He has a Bachelor of Economics and Political Science degree from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada; a MBA in Strategic Management from Ateneo De Manila University, Makati, Philippines and a Masters in Intellectual Property from the Franklin Pierce Law Center, University of NH School of Law, Concord, NH, USA.

He is a Registered Intellectual Property Attorney since 2006.